Our Brand Identity

Welcome to the refreshed brand identity of HLB CMA South Africa Incorporated. Our brand transcends beyond a mere logo; it's a comprehensive reflection of our essence, our services, our conduct, our collaborative spirit, and our dedication to serving the public interest.

Discover Our Award-Winning Identity

At HLB CMA South Africa Incorporated, we’re more than just numbers and spreadsheets; we’re a symbol of trust and excellence in the financial advisory landscape. Our visual identity encapsulates our commitment to providing top-tier audit, tax, and advisory services.

Bold and Professional TypographyOur name stands out in a modern, sans-serif font, reflecting our approach to consultancy — straightforward, clear, and confident.

A Symbol of Global Connection The circular emblem with ‘HLB’ at its core represents our global reach as a proud member of the HLB network. It’s a mark of our international capabilities and the interconnected expertise we bring to our clients.

A Palette of Trust The choice of a calming blue in our logo communicates reliability and professionalism. It’s a color that you’ll find consistently across our communications, reinforcing the stability we stand for.

Recognition of Excellence The laurel wreath and star icon signal our achievement as the ‘Network of the Year 2022’, an honor awarded by the International Accounting Bulletin. It’s a testament to our outstanding service and the trust placed in us by our clients.

Clear Communication Our contact details and service offerings are laid out with precision, ensuring you know exactly how to reach us and what we can do for you.

Inclusive and Ethical We also take pride in being an inclusive and ethically driven firm, upholding the highest standards in all our dealings — a commitment subtly reflected in the clarity and transparency of our visual identity.

Embrace a partnership with HLB CMA South Africa Incorporated, where integrity and excellence are at the heart of everything we do.

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